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Again, I not hating on Sun. The guy proven himself and I actually all for the original point of your OP. I wanted Arctic Monkeys to happen since Vol 1 ended, as I think it be the perfect payoff to Weiss quip in the finale (“I still don know what I think of you yet!”). My time watching BG dwindled about a year and a half ago when I started seeing everyone getting cosmetic procedures done and basically looking the same way. I knew from that moment all of the makeup they put on would NOT look the same on me. They all started becoming really not relatable to everyday people like myself.. There may also be some correlation between implants and all the health problems I mysteriously developed in 2014 that have left me with pain that affects me almost 24/7. That’s a rabbit hole I’m not sure I’m ready to go down yet so in the meantime I’m just saving up for explanation. It’s a very tender subject for me and I hope that I can shed some light on this not often talked about viewpoint of having implants.. I trained to care about 정읍출장마사지 how I look. Constantly. But after a few days (read: two weeks) I truly started to not give a f. Last class one of the women in the class asked Gunny what pistol he would recommend for her because she was going to have an internship in a rough part of town for the summer and she thought she should get a concealed carry permit (this was back in the 80s). Gunny had us all stop and gave us a good long lecture on why this might be a REALLY BAD idea. One of the lines he said that stuck in my head was, “You do NOT bluff with a weapon. Meesa trained in guerilla warfare and meesa da bombad sniper 정읍출장마사지 in da entire Republic armed forces. Yousa nutting to meesa but just another target. Meesa ganna wipe yousa da doo doo out with precision da likein of which has never been seen before on dis Naboo, mark meesa doo doo words. Anyways, enough of my whining. You look so great!! I hope the healing is going well. Couple questions: Where would you put your pain at so far, like on a scale of 1 10? And are you glad you went outpatient? I picked outpatient, but I had the choice to stay a night in the hospital, and I wondering if I made the right call.. I thought wrong. Less than 2 days after I take their legs I get a starvation notice. Turns out pawns can feed themselves if they got no legs (even if the food is in bed with them), and to top it off my wardens won feed the eggs to the prisoner for some reason.. “That can no man on earth, I fear,” said the stranger; “nathless, I’ll tell you the tale. Yesterday I stood pledged to a maid, and thought soon to wed her. But she has been taken from me and is to become an old knight’s bride this very day; and as for me, I care not what ending comes to my days, or how soon, without her.”. I used to play competitively over a decade ago and prices were far more reasonable for cost sensitive players. In the decade following my absence the price of modern, legacy, and vintage has become astronomical due to WOTC failing to provide reasonably priced reprints. If they don address that fact in the near future modern will begin dying as a format and become extremely niche much like vintage and legacy have become inaccessible to 95% of the magic playing population.